Event Management

Creating special events across Australia

With a wealth of experience in running and creating events, we can create something unique specifically for your brand and business, or simply integrate your brief into an existing event in our portfolio.

To guarantee maximum impact, we ensure our events meet simple criteria:

  • High Foot traffic locations
  • Big crowds
  • Experiential opportunities

Out-of-home advertising has become incredibly popular as no one has a remote control outdoors, creating the perfect environment to showcase your message. Whether it’s the big campaign push, a new product launch or brand awareness, outdoors has it all to offer.

Events can last from a day to several weeks, be in one location or run in several cities and have audiences from one hundred thousand to over a million. Our current portfolio includes:

  • Cultural events all around Australia
  • Sporting Live Sites and Fanzones
  • National and International sport events
  • Concerts and festivals
  • Product launches

The Experiential Experience

Experiential marketing is a cross-media promotional activity, which encourages two-way interaction with the consumer and brand. It allows the client to communicate with consumers on a much more personal level, generating more engagement and a higher conversion rate.

We offer many options to engage further with your audience from product sampling, giveaways and competitions, call to action, fundraising, branding of programs, flyers and other event products as well as performance-based activities.

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